Reviewing the Supreme Court's 2023 Term w/ Joshua Douglas
Democracy NerdSeptember 04, 2023x
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Reviewing the Supreme Court's 2023 Term w/ Joshua Douglas

Joshua Douglas, law professor at University of Kentucky and author of the forthcoming "The Voters v. The Court," joins the podcast to shed light on the significant developments and controversies surrounding the Supreme Court's 2023 term, touching on key decisions related to affirmative action, private business discrimination, and democracy.

The contentious Students for Fair Admissions decision overturning affirmative action precedent for higher education admissions marks a significant shift in the Court's approach to issues of race and equality. The Court's 303 Creative ruling allows private businesses to discriminate for the first time. Other key decisions include Moore v. Harper and Allen v. Milligan, both of which have potential consequences for the future of democracy in this country. Also discussed the legitimacy crisis faced by the Supreme Court, currently viewed unfavorably by a large majority of Americans. This crisis poses a significant threat to the health of American democracy, as the Supreme Court plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the rule of law and protecting individual rights (or at least it should.)