The Intersection Between Emerging Tech and Politics w/ Matt Krayton

The Intersection Between Emerging Tech and Politics w/ Matt Krayton

In this episode, the intersection between emerging technology and the world of politics is explored. Matt Krayton, owner and principal of Publitics consulting firm, guides us through the implications, both positive and negative, of technology's evolving role in shaping political landscapes.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the complexity of its impact. Krayton raises concerns about the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential negative influence on politics. He underscores the necessity for guidelines and guardrails to mitigate risks such as algorithmic bias, fake news dissemination, and deepfake manipulation. While AI offers unparalleled efficiency and potential for data analysis, its unchecked implementation in politics could pose serious threats to the integrity of elections and public discourse.

Krayton emphasizes the delicate balance between harnessing technology's potential for good and curbing its potential for harm. By fostering an understanding of the ethical implications of emerging tech and promoting transparency in its use, we can steer the course toward a future where technology becomes an enabler rather than an impediment to democratic ideals.

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